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17 Awesome Summer Swim Floats

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After a long day of hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, or whatever it may be, there’s no better way to cool off from the scorching sun than a little lounging in the lake. This summer, swim floats are taking social media by storm and they aren’t just for the kids. We’ve seen Taylor Swift unwind on a giant inflatable swan, Reese Witherspoon float on a donut, and Amy Schumer relax on a hot pink flamingo. But it doesn’t stop there. These trending adult inflatables range from rainbow unicorns to pizza slices to jousting games to beer pong tables, and there are even matching mini floaties to hold your drink!

We’ve decided to share our favorite swim floats to help you find the perfect fit for the finest floating experience. So whether you want to catch some rays, read a book, sip on a refreshing beverage, or challenge each other to a game, these 17 outrageously awesome swim floats will amp up your next camping trip and make it one for the books.

Swim Floats:

Log Flume Joust Set

Swim Floats

Ready for a little friendly competition? Pretend you’re taking part in the Summer Olympics and challenge a partner to this inflatable water jousting game.


Giant Inflatable Unicorn Swim Float

Swim Floats

Who said there is no such thing as unicorns? Make fairytales come to life and relax on this majestic creature the next time you head to the beach.


Aqua Lily Pad Maui Mat

Swim Floats

This mat is perfect to roll up and take along on the boat. Get out on the lake and simply throw it on the water for the kids or even adults to lounge around and enjoy. It measures 6’ by 14’ with a sturdy thickness of 1-3/8”.


Floaty Pants

Swim Floats

These are ridiculously awesome! Floaty Pants are perfect for using as a hands-free flotation device. All you have to do is step in, buckle up and get ready for some serious relaxation in the water.


Pizza Slice Raft Float

Swim Floats

Whether you want just one slice or the whole pie, these pizza swim floats connect to one another so you and your friends can lounge together. Each slice has cup holders too!


Float Fridge Inflatable Cooler

Swim Floats

This cooler not only floats, but it can hold up to 30 cans of your favorite drink and keep them cold all day. The Float Fridge also has four built in cup holders for when you need to set your drink down to swim or play catch.


Floating Ping Pong Table

Swim Floats

Have a table tennis tournament on your next camping trip…in the water! This table floats and comes with two oversized paddles and 3 regulation size ping pong balls. If you want to play on land, set it on any table-top and it works just the same!


Donut Swim Float

Swim Floats

Who doesn’t love a giant frosted donut with sprinkles? Bask in the sun on this nearly 4-foot tasty treat for an extra fun and relaxing day on the lake.


Relaxation Station Water Lounge

Swim Floats

It’s like a floating living room! Hang out with the whole family on this Relaxation Station. It can seat up to four adults and comes with cup holders and a mesh area for your feet to keep you cool.


Giant Flamingo Swim Float

Swim Floats

Kick your floating game up a notch with this giant pink flamingo swim float that’s easy to inflate and will make relaxing on the water all the much cooler for you and your friends.


Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders

Swim Floats

Well if you purchase the flamingo floatie you might as well get a matching drink holder right? Holding a drink can be exhausting when you’re trying to relax, so let the matching flamingo drink holder do the work for you!


Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Swim Floats

It’s time to break out the red solo cups. This go-to drinking game has amped it up for summer – beer pong that floats! This is a fun way to loosen up with friends and cool off in the water at the same time.


Pretzel Swim Float

Swim Floats

Lounge solo on this salty snack or use it as a tube for three. This giant swim float puts a fun twist on your average lake inflatable. Now all we need is a lake full of melted cheese!


Giant Swan Float

Swim Floats

This jumbo size swan is 75”, big enough for at least two people! It’s the perfect addition for the kids to play on or adults to lounge in style on the water this summer.


Lob the Blob

Swim Floats

This is a fun game no matter where you are! In the water or just hanging at the beach, Lob the Blob will bring plenty of entertainment to you and your family or friends.


Gigantic Inflatable Beach Ball

Swim Floats

Measuring a whopping 12 feet from pole to pole, this will put all your other beach balls to shame! You’ll have a ball (pun intended) whacking this thing around the beach or on the water!


Rubber Duck Swim Float

Swim Floats

With built-in cup holders and handles, this is the coolest version of the rubber ducky we have yet to seen! Take this fella out on the water and everyone will be jealous of your cool new ride.


*Feature photo courtesy of GoFloats.

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