How to Train for a Long Hike

The importance of training for a long hike Hiking may seem like an easy enough pass time so why bother getting fit? Well for a start hiking is not like a jaunt down to the shops to buy a news...
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aluminum dutch oven

Exploring Aluminum Dutch Ovens

The chuck wagon cook’s Dutch Ovens and skillets were made out of one thing – cast iron. It’s what they had, and it worked well. Well-seasoned cast iron is the original (and some say still the best) no
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batoning wood for kindling

Batoning Wood For Kindling

Batoning wood is a great skill to learn. If the campground doesn’t allow you to gather wood from the forest you’ll need to cut kindling from the firewood you purchased, which is easy to do
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backpacking clothing reviews

Review: REI Motility Rain Jacket

REI Motility Jacket Rain Jacket REI Motility Jacket $169, 1 lb. 2 oz. (men’s medium) Sizes: men’s S-XL, women’s XS-XL There are, quite literally, few environments in the world wetter than New
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