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40 Jaw Dropping Pictures of Fireside Meals

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WARNING: VIEWING THESE PICTURES WILL CAUSE IMMEDIATE HUNGER! When we came across these foodie pics on Reddit we almost died.  This fellow Redditor gave us permission to share his masterpieces and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  Dig in! 

Chocolate Guinness Cake

chocolate guiness cake

Recipe from Nigella Lawson. Dutch oven lined with parchment. Cooking with the lid on gives it a moist, almost pudding-like texture.

Cherry upside down cake

cherry cake

cherry cake 2

Camp hash, scrambled eggs, and leftover cornbread refried in butter and dusted with sea salt

camp hash

Blueberry pancakes and bacon

blueberry pancakes

Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie

Deep-dish pizza with pesto, rehydrated mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and Beemster cheese

deep dish pizza

Braised lamb shanks

lamb shanks

lamb shank 2

Braised lamb shanks served with pasta, parmesan, and parsley

lamb shanks 3

Whiskey, cheese and salami

whiskey and cheese

Pancakes with cherries

Cherry pancakes

cherry cake

Scone and Coffee


scone and coffee

Smoking turkey for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving pot pie: smoked turkey meat and vegetables, topped with stuffing

pot pie

Brussel sprouts with sweet potato and pancetta

brussel sprouts

Caramelized peaches


Venison stew with sauce grand veneur

venison stew

Venison stew, polenta, and caramelized peaches


stew and peaches

Hot Chocolate


hot cocoa


Mole beef with a cheddar-biscuit topping

mole beef

Beef ribs for braising

beef ribs

Eggs with chorizo, potato, and peppers

eggs with chorizo

Hanger steak and risotto

hanger steak

Breakfast tacos

breakfast tacos

breakfast tacos2

Eggs, bacon and scone

eggs bacon and scone

Kalbi – Korean short ribs



Chili and cornbread

Chili and cornbread

Peach crumble, made from rehydrated peaches

peach crumble

Chilaquiles: tortilla strips, red chile, onion, cheese, eggs




Making Arepas


Beans with dehydrated chile and tomato


Left: beans Right: rehydrated plantains

Arepas with beans, plantains, avocado and Beemster



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