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It’s official! Camping season 2017 is here, and 50 Campfires wants to hook your campsite up with some major upgrades! Amp Your Camp presented by Coast is back, with more than $900 worth of prizes every week!

Amp Your Camp will run for 10 weeks from May 30, 2017 through August 8, 2017. One prize package will be awarded each week. You can enter once a day with bonus entries for being social with us.


Can’t see the entry form? Click here for the mobile friendly version.

We post the winner each week here. We will also be contacting each winner via email to inform them.


COAST Polysteel 600R

Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight

The Coast Polysteel 600R is tough as nails, waterproof, kicks out 530 lumens, and can charge your phone. Whether you need a light for hardcore caving or just for wee hour excursions outside the tent, this light has what you need. What more could you ask for?

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ManCan Picnic Kits

ManCan : Picnic Kits

If you’re a beer drinker, and you’ve purchased a growler to-go…you already know the pain of a flat $20 jar of beer. You want it to taste as good at home as it did out of the tap. ManCan bridges the gap from tap to home (or campsite) with ease.

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amp your camp

GCI Outdoors : Easy Chair

Chairs are one of the go-to items for the 50 Campfires team when camping and sitting around a campfire. The GCI Outdoors Easy Chair is a great campfire companion.

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Zippo Lighter & Fuel Canister

Zippo Lighters stand for quality and a long outdoor tradition, and with your new pocket lighter – you’ll be the envy of camp every time you pull it out. They’re also including a Zippo Fuel Canister to keep your lighter full and ready for action!

LifeStraw Go Bottle

Life Straw : GO Bottle

The convenience and longevity of the LifeStraw Go Bottle make it something you may consider using every day. Each replaceable activated carbon capsule is good for 100 liters and the membrane filter is good for 1,000 liters.

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Campfire Defender

Campfire Defender : Pro Camper Kit

The Campfire Defender is a heat resistant blanket built to cover your campfire. It brings and added level of safety to any campsite, and actually makes it more convenient to quickly rekindle the fire the next morning.

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EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

EcoZoom : Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are everywhere these days. The EcoZoom Versa is a little 14-pound wood eating machine. It takes a little fuel, turns it into a lot of heat and is still safe and easy to operate.

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Wildo Camp A Box

Wildo : Camp A Box

You gotta eat, and you need tools to eat with. In 13 colors to choose from, the Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete will make everyone in the family happy. The set packs up small and has everything you need for any kind of campsite dining backwoods to backyard.

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Buff Multifunctional UV Headwear

Buff : UV Multifunctional Headwear

If you don’t know Buff, you will. These garments are everywhere. Buff Multifunctional Headwear prevents 95% of the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your skin, wicks and dries like crazy, and looks good doing it.

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The Perfect Bungee

BihlerFlex : The Perfect Bungee

The bungee is a camping and outdoor essential. Now what they’ve done is take the bungees we all know and love, and apply real design to them. The result is a “perfect” bungee for every use.The selection and options are amazing.

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Inflatable game balls.

Spike Ball

Spikeball is a welcome addition to any yard game arsenal. The fast paced, competitive, cooperative 2-on-2 game will get you and your crew on your feet for an afternoon of fun.

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