Camping Gear

Rampshot: Review

I love yard games. There’s nothing better than having a few friends over for a little friendly trash talking and a few beers on a sunny Saturday. From horseshoes to ladder ball, I’ve playe
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Beginer tips for Rv

weBoost : Drive 4G-X RV Signal Booster

We often hear from RV’ers that cell phone coverage can be a challenge when they’re out on the road – or even boon docking in an urban location. Combine remote locations with the fact
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The Solo Stove Bonfire: Review

Is the Solo Stove Bonfire the best fire pit ever made? The fire pit hasn’t changed much in, well, forever. Sure you might see different designs cut into the side or fancy legs, but the actual de
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50 Campfires: Campfire Sessions – The Kid

On our trip to the Oregon Coast, we were treated to a young singer songwriter who simply refers to himself as “The Kid.” He was living in Portland at the time, and he drove quite a distanc
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Camping Tips

Bass Fishing for Beginners

Clint gets some basic bass fishing instruction at Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid in Memphis to launch the 50 Campfires Field Trip: Great River Road. Join the 50 Campfires team as they explore the world
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bozeman roadtrip

Don’t Let Adventure Go By the Wayside

Somewhere between Natchez, Mississippi and Lake Chicot in Louisiana it hit me. Road tripping has changed. Sure, it’s common to jump in your car with the family and head out for a weekend. Sometimes it
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camping survival

Snake Awareness

Cottonmouths are often found in and near water. They frequently sun themselves on limbs overhanging the water and may drop into canoes or kayaks when startled. When Midwesterners and New Englanders ve
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amazon prime day

Top 15 Outdoor Gear Deals : Amazon Prime Day 2017

Stainless 20oz Insulated Water Bottle $69.98 $10.99 84% off! Lantern 4 Pack $89.99 $15.98 82% off! Camping Cookware Mess Kit $69.95 $19.99 71% off! Portable Camping Hammock with Tree Straps $49.99 $2
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Camping Gear

Coast PX1R Rechargeable Flashlight: Review

The rechargeable line from Coast just got a little brighter with the Coast PX1R. I put this little guy to the test while spotting alligators at night in Louisiana and it exceeded expectations. The fir
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Easy Homemade Sports Drink

As soon as you enter the sports drink aisle all you see is the word electrolytes everywhere. What are they, and do you have to pay top dollar for them if you want to hydrate on the trail? An electroly
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