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Beat The Heat With The Latest Cooling Gear

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Ever dip your hat or t-shirt in the water to stay cool on a blistering day? It works because as the water dries it pull latent heat off the body with it. It’s a simple process known as evaporative cooling, and every year we’re seeing more gear that utilizes it. Why buy a special hat and not use the one you have? Because they use special fabrics that retain water for much longer than cotton or synthetics. Here are three products that will keep you refreshed and energized on the most painfully hot days.

frogg toggsFrogg Toggs Chilly Shade Cooling Neck Cover

Frogg Toggs is one of our favorite companies when it comes to evaporative cooling gear. Their hats are great, and this year they’ve added a Chilly Shade Cooling Neck Cover that will chill you to the core. You’ve probably noticed that a very hot neck contributes to exhaustion in hot weather. If the neck is cool, you feel pretty good. The Chilly Shade does a great job, and it has the added bonus of keeping insects away.


evaporative cooling gearMission Enduracool Multi Cool

The Mission Enduracool Multi Cool is the Swiss Army Knife of evaporative cooling. You can wear it over ten different ways to suit the activity you’re engaged in. The Enduracool Multi-Cool is made from a special fabric that instantly cools when you soak it in water, wring it out, and snap it. The radiator-like fabric construction creates a prolonged cooling effect that will chill you out no matter what you have planned for the day.


evaporative cooling gearMission Enduracool Hoodie

We love the simplicity of the Mission Enduracool Hoodie. You just get it wet, and toss it on your head. When the material is wet it cools to 30 degrees below your body temperature. If you’re head is cool, you’re cool. It’s that simple. The hoodie does an excellent job of accomplishing that, and the mesh does a good job conforming to your head so it stays in place. Bonus: you sort of look like old school L.L. Cool J.



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