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Boulder Denim Jeans : Review

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Like most guys, jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. They’re always a go-to, whether I’m heading to work – or a night on the town. There is however one area where they fall short – the outdoors. I’ve made the mistake a few times, leaving directly from work for a weekend in the woods in a pair of Levi’s. It never fails, after a few hours of being outside, the jeans are 2 sizes too big – forcing me to cinch my belt tighter and tighter. I just need to accept it – jeans aren’t outdoor wear…or are they? I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days wearing a pair of Boulder Denim Jeans while on a trip to Park City, Utah – and I think they just might be onto something.

What They Are

Boulder Denim was founded by two guys from Canada who couldn’t find jeans stylish enough to wear on a night out, yet flexible and dynamic enough to wear on a bike ride, afternoon hike – or a trip to the climbing gym. This is the gap that Boulder Denim fills : the intersection of mobility and style.

What I Like

To be honest, I like everything about these jeans. I’m going to attempt to be concise in recapping my favorite features jammed into the Boulder Denim Jeans.

The Boulder Denim Jeans are both Hydrophobic and stain resistant. The denim has been treated to keep you both dry, and stink-free. While I’m not sure that I’m willing to try, Boulder Denim claims that you can go longer without washing – as the material not only repels stains, but also odor and bacteria. This feature makes them perfectly suited to be the only pair of pants you need to bring along on your next camping trip. I like that.

Boulder Denim Jeans are made to stretch – in every direction. While the brand is rooted in rock climbing, I couldn’t help but think how comfortable I’d be squatting down to start a campfire. While stretch is good, I was concerned that the jeans would loose their shape. This didn’t happen – leaving the jeans (and waistband) fitting as well at the end of the day as they did when I put them on in the morning. When combined with smaller features like the trap zipper pocket in the left front, designed to keep your phone, keys or other smaller valuables secure – these jeans are an outsiders dream come true.

Both the material itself and the stitching that holds them together is durable. Like, really durable. What does that mean? Boulder Denim stands behind their jeans with a lifetime warranty. You read that right – a pair of jeans, built for the outdoors with a lifetime warranty. Love it.

If you’re looking for your new favorite pair of outdoor jeans, you’ve got to check out the jeans from Boulder Denim. They’re making them in both men’s and women’s, as well as multiple cuts – they’ve got something for just about anyone.

Check out Boulder Denim Here.

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