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Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker Review

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It really doesn’t seem that long ago. I can remember arriving at a group camping outing late in the evening one night – to find that the entire campsite was being illuminated by old-fashioned propane lanterns. The glow of the mantles seemed normal. Looking back, it’s almost insane how far we’ve come. When I received the Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker in the mail a few weeks ago, I thought absolutely nothing of the fact that I was holding a lantern that ouputs 120 lumens – and could fit easily inside my hiking pack. The advancements in technology didn’t stop there, and with that – I present my Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker review:


Upon first glance, the Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker appears to be simply a compact LED lantern. Granted, it’s backed up by a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery – but appearances can be deceiving. The oversized battery isn’t simply to keep your lantern running strong in one of the three operating modes (high, low and red light) – but also doubles as a charging station for all of your portable electronics. You’ll get a full charge and a half into an average smartphone using the Camp Rocker. Unlike many portable power packs on the market, the Lightwave Camp Rocker is outputting a 5 volt, 2.1 amp charge – making it capable of giving your tablet a kick in the pants as well.

I’ve long been a fan of products that lighten my load – or at very least help me cut down on the things I’m forgetting on the counter before a trip. The Lightwave Camp Rocker helps me do both. Integrated into the base of the lantern, is a Bluetooth speaker that’s the perfect size to deliver sound to your small tent or campsite. While we’ve experienced many larger and louder Bluetooth rigs, I can say that the Brunton is great at lower volumes – and performed best when placed on a solid, flat surface.

Weighing in at just under 10oz, the Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker packs a light weight, powerful punch at under $100. This will become a regular go-to item in my camp assortment.


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