advice for hiking more efficiently

10 Tricks For Making Hiking and Backpacking Easier

By Michael Lanza When I first started hiking, in my early 20s, I was like a young baseball pitcher with an overpowering fastball: I simply hurled myself at every hike with all of my energy and clueles
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Family Adventures

Video: Utah’s Slot Canyons Peek-A-Boo Gulch and Spooky Gulch

By Michael Lanza Send four kids age 10 to 12 through a tight, slot canyon where they have to pull themselves over short pour-offs, duck through natural arches, and twist and contort their bodies to sq
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How to Train for a Long Hike

The importance of training for a long hike Hiking may seem like an easy enough pass time so why bother getting fit? Well for a start hiking is not like a jaunt down to the shops to buy a news...
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Appalachian Mountain Club

Looking For An Adventure of a Lifetime? Here It Is

By Michael Lanza Around 9 a.m., some five-and-a-half hours into a 20-mile, nine-summit dayhike over some of the most rugged trails in America, my friend Mark Fenton and I strode up onto what may be th
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backpacking clothing reviews

Ask Me: How Can You Tell How Warm a Down Jacket Is?

Michael, With sleeping bags, we have temperature ratings. But with down/insulated/puffy jackets, what is best way to determine if a jacket will be warm or warmer or hot? Is it the amount of fill? Some
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