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COAST PX100 UV Flashlight Review

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Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve had little-to-no experience with camping in the desert. In my mind, it was a place where snakes and robots lived (thanks, Star Wars). So, when I had the opportunity to venture out into the wide open Mojave Desert at night, in search of scorpions – I had no idea what I was getting into. While many desert-dwellers attempt to avoid scorpions at all costs, we had different ideas. Luckily for us, we were equipped with the COAST PX100 UV Flashlights.

The COAST PX100 is a handheld UV flashlight that’s designed to illuminate just about anything that’ll glow under a black light. Fortunately for us, scorpions are one of those things – and we were lucky enough to have some up close encounters.

In addition to scorpion-spotting, we used the light to recharge fishing lures while fishing on the Colorado River – which was an absolute blast!

If you’re looking for a portable UV flashlight – or want to try out scorpion hunting in the desert for yourself – check out the PX100 from COAST.

Click here to see the COAST PX100 UV Flashlight.

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