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Duluth Pack Roll-Top Scout Review

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It was time to up my game as a geocacher. I had a pack that I was carrying on every caching adventure. It served it’s purpose, but was oversized and camouflaged. It had so many pockets, I always spent 10 minutes looking for whatever specific geocaching tool of the trade or travel bug I was after. Camouflage may blend into the environment, but it often stands out when your in the places that geocaches hide. Then I came across the Duluth Pack Roll-Top Scout. If you’re of the “old school” persuasion, like I am, you may consider it the “ultimate” geocaching daypack.

First, the Duluth Pack Roll-Top Scout is simple! Just two compartments. One big, one small. In the outside zippered pocket, I keep the stuff I need to get at often — tweezers, flashlight, supply of pens, and a zip top bag with travel buts in transit.

Then there’s the big pocket with the roll top. It accommodates the bulkier stuff in the geocacher’s world. I carry a ThermaCell and supplies for it. A can of bug spray as a back up. Reachers, grabbers, magnets, and a variety of lesser used TOTT’s (in geocacher parlance that’s “tools of the trade.) On any given trip the bag will also carry water bottles, snacks, and lunch as needed.

This is what makes this Duluth Pack design so perfect for this use. The size of the Roll-Top Scout easily and quickly changes based on what I need to carry that particular day. It’s as easy as rolling the top comfortably tight to the contents and cinching up the heavy-duty leather straps in the steel buckles. And I keep my GPS unit clipped to the oversize webbing grab strap at the top. That way everything’s always together and ready to go whenever the opportunity to cache arises.

Roll-Top Scout
Roll-Top Scout

Like all Duluth Packs, the Roll-Top Scout defines rugged. It’s what the company built its reputation upon since 1882. These are the same packs canoe guides in the Far North have relied on for going on 150 years! This model is just down-sized. Honestly, there’s little that’s modern or high-tech about this pack. It’s not even really water resistant, but if I’m geocaching in a downpour, I just dig out my rain gear and compact the daypack small enough to fit under my jacket or poncho!

Duluth Pack builds their gear so rugged, it comes supported by a lifetime guarantee! End of discussion. I anticipate passing this pack along to a next generation geocacher when my legs won’t get it done anymore.

Does this daypack have a drawback? You bet it does. Even though it’s simple, the price tag is enough to make me swallow hard. Real hard, considering it has none of the bells and whistles like hydration reservoirs, space age fibers, and all the rest. But then again, it’s the last pack I’m ever going to have to buy for geocaching. Pay once, be done is a good way to go.


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