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Enter The “What’s In Your Fire” Photo Contest!

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What’s in your fire?

This ain’t no lackadaisical cloud-gazing! Specters in your campfire are there one millisecond, gone the next! Between s’mores, snap half a dozen pics of your blazing fire. Look close and see what’s in YOUR fire! When you find a Christmas tree, a zombie, a Mac truck … or anything else…upload the image to the 50Campfires QuickFire Photo Contest with the hashtag #Whatsinyourfire! You could win big!

How To Enter:

  • Take a Photo of Your Fire
  • Share Your Photo Via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • In The Description, Tell Us What Shape You See and Add #WHATSINYOURFIRE

Enter Now:

Contest Ends:

Offical Rules


Dino Bougdanos - Person
Susan Bakken - Owl

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