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Fox River Adventure Cross Terrain: Review

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For years I subscribed to the thought that all socks are the same. I was wrong. You truly don’t understand the difference between high-quality socks and the stuff you buy 10-to-a-pack at the department store. Wearing the Fox River Adventure Cross Terrain socks for the first time made me realize how poorly I had been treating my feet all these years.

You can buy the best shoes or boots on the planet and without a great sock they are almost worthless.


Functionality: A sock not only needs to be functional in a variety of situations and weather, it also needs to be able to go from shoe to shoe and still feel comfortable. These lightweight Fox River’s are absolutely perfect for summer camping. The vented panels remove moisture and keep your feet dry in the hottest conditions.

Appearance: It’s very difficult to make “sexy” hiking sock but Fox River came as close as you can by blending modern fashion and serious technology to keep you on the trail. The overall construction looks great with a ton of fine detail woven into the fibers. I wouldn’t shy away from wearing these from the hiking trail to a dinner party.

Durability: To really put the Fox River Adventure Cross Terrain’s to the test, I wore them in a brand new pair of high quality hiking boots. I literally took the boots out of the box with zero break-in time and started hiking around a state park. These socks preformed well-above my expectations and held up to a stiff, unworn pair of boots. Not only did they hold up and show no signs of wear, my feet were completely blister free after several hours of intense hiking in a brand new pair of boots.

Value: At $14.99 a pair, you can buy cheaper socks, but won’t hold a candle to these in terms of durability and comfort. The Eco fibers wick moisture FASTER than plain merino wool. Do yourself a favor and order a couple pairs.




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