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GCI Outdoors : Eazy Chairs – Review

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If you’ve ever been camping (follow us here), then you’ve likely encountered a “bag chair”. You know, the camping chairs that fold up and down – and easily pack into a carrying “bag.” If you’re anything like us, you probably have a garage shelf full of them – with a handful whose useful days are long gone. If it isn’t the drink holder tearing loose, then it’s the sagging arms or the sloppy seat. Bottom line, bag chairs have issues. When we saw the GCI Outdoors Eazy Chairs, we knew that they were definitely onto something.

What They Are

While the GCI Outdoors Eazy Chair might appear to be a traditional bag chair, they’ve added a handful of improvements that’ll quickly give you chair-envy. First, and most notably – the Eazy Chair from GCI feature hard arms. These aren’t the slippy – tension controlled chair arms that you’ll find on most chairs. Believe it or not, you’ll actually be able to use them to provide balance when standing up or sitting down into the chair. You’ll be loving these arms when you find yourself on uneven surfaces, or when scooting back from the campfire circle.

We all know that a one-size-fits-all drink holder rarely fits “all”. The GCI Eazy Chair features an adjustable beverage holder, designed to cinch smaller – or larger depending on the drink. Brilliant. As for the comfort of the chair itself, the Eazy Chair boasts a wide seat and a mesh backrest. When combined, you’ll find yourself in the lap of luxury – and not sinking lower and lower towards the ground.

Why We Like It

Chairs are one of the go-to items for the 50 Campfires team when camping and sitting around a campfire. It doesn’t make sense to skimp-out on one of the most crucial items of campsite comfort. We found sitting down and standing up out of the chair was super easy by using the hard arm design. It seems like such a small thing – but makes a load of difference when making a mid-evening bathroom run. In addition, the adjustable cup holder was able to acomodate both a red SOLO cup and longneck bottle of beer with no issues.

If you set up a campsite with the GCI Eazy Chairs, be sure to invite us – we could hang all night.

Check out the GCI Eazy Chairs here.

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