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How to Have More Fun and Be Safer Outdoors

Posted On May 13, 2016 at 10:19 am by / Comments Off on How to Have More Fun and Be Safer Outdoors

By Michael Lanza

People occasionally ask me the same basic question about hiking, backpacking, or some other outdoor activity: How much do I need to know to do this? They ask that question, of course, because they want to keep themselves and their family or friends safe. And you can find the answers to questions like that—and probably many others that you have—in one place.

At The Big Outside, some of my most-read stories are the ones in which I offer my tips on skills like ultralight backpacking, avoiding blisters, getting a hard-to-get national park backcountry permit, and taking better outdoor photos. Readers also frequently find my “10 Rules of Adventure Travel” and “10 Tips For Keeping Kids Happy and Safe Outdoors.”

My “10 Tips For Raising Outdoors-Loving Kids” may be the most enduringly popular story at this blog, and my more-recent follow-up to that story, “10 Tips For Getting Your Teenager Outdoors With You,” has gained a similar following.

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I’ve organized all of my stories about outdoor skills on my Skills page, where you can click to find not only answers to many of your questions, but maybe also learn which questions to ask. See also my Ask Me page, where you’ll find sub-pages, organized by subject, listing the many blog posts in which I answer questions directly from readers, including an Ask Me page of questions about various outdoor skills.

I’ve learned a thing or two from 30+ years of getting out there and 20+ years as an outdoor writer; my background motivated the creation of this website and blog. These days, whenever I’m out backpacking or taking an ultra-hike, or on a big adventure with my family, I’m always thinking about how to do it as safely as possible and how to make it as fun as I can.


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I always appreciate hearing from readers of The Big Outside.

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