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IceMule Pro Cooler Review

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I love picnics.

On a nice summer day there’s nothing better than laying down in the grass to enjoy some good food and a cold beer in the great outdoors. Parks are fun, but I really like to hike a mile or two and then have a picnic. For this, ordinary coolers will not do. You have to step it up to a backpack cooler, and you need one that can take some abuse.

The IceMule Pro Cooler has lot of features that I like. It has a Trifold DriTop system that keeps air out and makes the bag waterproof. Air leakage is one of the main reasons a cooler will fail to retain heat, making this a great feature. It also has wide, comfortable straps that I appreciated after we filled it up with a 12 pack and 5 lbs of ice. The back is ventilated too, making it comfortable to wear on hot summer days.

Icemule pro cooler


The large only weighs 4 lbs and will hold up to 65 lbs, which is more than enough for beverages and snacks for an afternoon excursion. If you’re looking for a rugged backpack cooler that will allow you to bring the party anywhere, the IceMule Pro Cooler is worth a look.


Icemule pro cooler


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