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LifeStraw : Go Bottle – Review

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There are not many things in camping … or in life, for that matter … that are inescapably universal to every single person who participates. Well … we found at least one that’s a for sure, bonafide must-have. Everybody needs to drink water whether they are camping or not … especially when they are active.

The need for drinking water is also universal in that you need H2O wherever you go – whether there’s a source of good water at the ready or not. That’s why we consider the LifeStraw Go Bottle among the short list of outdoor gear that is universally essential.

What It Is

From the outside, the LifeStraw Go Bottle looks a lot like any other BPA-free water bottle. It even comes in five stylish colors. And like so many others, it has a drinking spout right there on the black or grey screw-on lid.

What sets the LifeStraw Go Bottle apart is on the inside.

Whenever you drink from the LifeStraw Go Bottle, the water is pulled through a 2-stage filtration system. Stage 1 uses a replaceable activated carbon capsule to reduce off-taste, chlorine, and organic chemical matter. Stage 2 incorporates an advanced hollow fiber membrane to remove 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and protozoa including E-Coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

Bottom line – this is a great every day water bottle with the added security of a highly effective water filter built right into it.

lifestraw go review

Why We Like It

Okay, by way of testing we have drank some skanky water and even liquids like milk through various LifeStraw filters to test their effectiveness. Some of that scummy turtle pond water we drank allows me to confidently tell you we’ve trusted our health, if not our lives, to LifeStraw products. The fact I’m here to write this review tells you the results.

That crusty water even tastes … well, normal … after it has been filtered through the LifeStraw. And that’s how we want our water to taste … normal.

The convenience and longevity of the LifeStraw Go Bottle make it worthy of consideration for everyday use. Each replaceable activated carbon capsule is good for 100 liters and the membrane filter is good for 1,000 liters.

So … no matter where you are … if the water is at all questionable or even just tastes bad … why would you not consider using the LifeStraw Go Bottle.

At $44.95 the LifeStraw Go Bottle costs more than your average water bottle, but the safety it provides is well worth the extra few bucks. On top of that, LifeStraw launched the Follow the Liters program. For every LifeStraw product sold, a child in a developing nation receives clean, safe drinking water for an entire school year. That, right there, is worth the price of admission!

Get yourself a LifeStraw Go Bottle to feel good about the water you’re drinking and the cause you’re supporting.

lifestraw go review
lifestraw go review

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