Looking For An Adventure of a Lifetime? Here It Is

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By Michael Lanza

As we climbed toward Paso Australia, the wind gathered strength, shoving us forward and sideways, spinning us around. As if to suggest that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, our young Chilean guide, Maurice, warned, “It’s going to be windy up there at Australia Pass.” In fact, at the 2,641-foot (805m) pass, it became hard to stand and walk. We alternately braced ourselves against the most furious gusts and stumbled a few steps forward during lulls of merely howling gales. Billowing clouds skidded across the sky, brushing against a row of stone pinnacles, some of the “Teeth of Navarino,” the peaks that give this remote mountain range its name: Dientes de Navarino.

My friend, Jeff Wilhelm, and I were on the southernmost trek in the world, the 22.7-mile (36.5k) Dientes Circuit. At 55 degrees south latitude, the Dientes, which reach nearly 4,000 feet in elevation on Chile’s Navarino Island, lie just 60 miles from the tip of South America and a short flight from the Antarctic Peninsula.

Established in the 1990s, the Dientes Circuit receives fewer than a hundred trekkers a year. Indeed, for four days out there, we saw no one and were very likely be the only people on the circuit. There are not many outstanding hiking destinations on the planet you could say that about.

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Trekking past Laguna Escondida on the Dientes Circuit, Chilean Patagonia.

Trekking past Laguna Escondida on the Dientes Circuit, Chilean Patagonia.







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