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Pool Noodle Hacks For Young Card Players

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Here are a few pool noodle hacks for playing cards with little ones. 

Teaching young kids to play cards is great fun at the campsite. Games that challenge them to think about basic strategy help to develop important cognitive skills, while also learning to socialize. It’s also exciting for them because they feel like they’re playing “grown-up” games. One problem they can run into though, is holding the cards. It can be challenging for small hands. Here are two simple pool noodle hacks that will make it much easier so they can focus on the rules of the game.

pool noodle hacks

pool noodle hacks

The card holder on the right is best for really young kids because they don’t have to hold the cards at all. You simply cut a short pool noodle in half and then make a slit down the center (make sure to leave an inch on each end).

The card holder on the left still makes it easy, but allows them to hold the cards in their hand. Just cut a donut sized piece of pool noodle, and cut a slit in half of the circle. Then they can just push the cards (or an adult can) into the slit and easily keep track of everything.

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