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Portland Woolen Mills Hiking Quilt: Review

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We recently spent a week in Oregon and had an opportunity to try out an exciting new product from Portland Woolen Mills. They call it a hiking quilt, and it’s unlike any sleeping bag you’ve ever used, because it’s lined with wool. The problem with synthetic bags is that they can get clammy because they don’t breath very well. Wool does a great job of wicking away moisture, and has the added benefit of insulating when damp. The Hiking Quilts come in three different lengths and were surprisingly lightweight.

The Portland Woolen Mills Hiking Quilt is rated at 40 degrees F, and can be lowered to 20 degrees F with a liner (which they also sell). We had both, and the flexibility came in handy. The liners are easy to use, as they just slip inside the bag.

Note: At the time of this writing, the Hiking Quilt was not yet available. Keep an eye on the link above, as we have word that it will hit the market very soon. Price: TBA

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Staying toasty warm while taking in the view!

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