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Recover Brands Clothing Line Review

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In our opinion, you can never have enough t-shirts while camping or adventuring outdoors. Whether you’re on a day trip or a weeklong excursion, it’s important to have clothing that’s breathable and lightweight, and Recover Brands clothing meets the mark.

As lovers of all things outdoors, we’re always on the lookout for sporty fabrics that are both functional and stylish (who says you can’t look good?). We recently discovered an eco-friendly brand called Recover and are in love with their line of clothing. Made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton, these simple tees and hoodies are super comfortable. Keep a look out for their water-resistant, durable, and super comfortable t-shirts!

I decided to break in my new Recover gear on a recent camping trip, and I was shocked to see how dry my shirt was after a full weekend of running around. I wore the Recover Brands Women’s Sport V-Neck shirt and the fabric was still in great shape and the shirt kept its form, even after being drenched in the lake and rained on. Honestly, I am thinking about ordering another one because I was so impressed with its performance. You can choose from two different colors for this shirt, either a heather green or a heather blue. And did I mention it’s only $25.00? That means for $25.00 you can feel pretty awesome knowing that the plastic bottles you recycled were used to create a breathable, durable Sport Tee that feels awesome on.

The Recover Brands clothing line offers everything from polos and sports tees to pullovers and zip hoodies. They even have an accessories page featuring backpacks, coozies, hats, and more! Whether you’re looking for a long sleeve or short sleeve, they have it! You’ll look and feel great in their stylish, moisture-wicking performance shirts while breaking a sweat in the woods, hitting the water, or going to the gym. Two thumbs up for Recover Brands!

Recover Brands
Recover Brands
Recover Brands
Recover Brands

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