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Redd Superfood Energy Bars: Review

Posted On December 13, 2016 at 12:04 pm by / Comments Off on Redd Superfood Energy Bars: Review

I have always been a fan of caffeine on a hike. If I have the time, it’s wonderful to sit down mid-hike and make a quick cup of instant coffee. Is that my favorite kind of coffee? Of course not, but it’s full of caffeine and tastes great on a spring or fall hike. Redd Superfood Energy Bars address that same need but also give you 9 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. They sent us the assortment to try out and I’ve been using them as my mid-morning snack at work.

I’ll say that the texture is similar to most other protein bars I’ve tried. They’re chewy, dense, and a little sticky. As far as taste, the chocolate was my favorite, and I’d definitely eat that one again. Peanut butter came in second, with oatmeal in last place. The latter just needs a little something extra. Oatmeal makes me think of breakfast, so maybe cranberries or something similar? The 35mg bump of caffeine is similar to a cup of tea, and will be appreciated by anyone looking for some extra oomph to make it back to the trailhead.

redd superfood energy bars

I appreciated the all natural ingredients.

redd superfood energy bars

Oatmeal was just ok. The chocolate was pretty tasty.

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