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Slotdog Review: Silly But Fun

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Why a Slotdog review? Well, at 50 Campfires we sort of collect new and unusual recipes and techniques to make hotdogs cooked over a campfire more fun. Some of us have eaten so danged many of them, they just get boring if you don’t add a new twist now and then. We’ve regularly share those techniques and recipes on these very pages!

Trolling Amazon the other day, the Slotdog device jumped out. It accomplishes much the same thing as our method of cutting spiral dogs, but faster and easier.

The Slotdog tool’s stainless steel blades cut slots into the sides of a skinless, thawed hotdog. As shown in the video, you simply lay the hotdog on a cutting board, and push the cutter down until the back of the tool stops it. Remove the dog from the blades, turn it over, and cut slots in the opposite side. Now the hotdog is ready to cook on a skewer over a campfire or on the grate of the grill.

The slots dramatically increase the surface area exposed directly to the heat source. This allows the hotdog to cook faster and “open” up as it cooks. Monitor the cooking closely so you can remove the hotdog from the heat just when it becomes the shade of golden brown to slightly charred that you prefer.

Besides caramelizing and crisping perfectly, the slots widen as the hotdog is cooked. This creates space that grabs and holds your favorite condiments in place. That boosts flavor and can reduce mess down the front of anyone’s favorite camping shirt. Kids like the scaled or porcupine looking design on their camping hotdogs, too.

Slotdog Review: The slots are cut part way through opposite sides of the hotdog.

The precision stainless steel blades cut a diamond shaped slots into the sides of a skinless hotdog.

Slotdog Review: What We Like

The Slotdog is a simple tool. It actually does what it says it will. It cleans up pretty easily just by running it through some dishwater and giving it a hot rinse. While it is dishwasher safe, that’s one appliance that’s lacking from virtually all of our campsites.

It’s also fast. Certainly you could accomplish the same effect with a good sharp camping or filet knife, but it would take a lot more time and care to make the cuts with the same precision as simply pushing down on the Slotdog.

Slotdog Review: This tool creates slots in skinless hotdogs to allow more caramelization and plumping.

On the grill, the Slotdog cut hotdogs caramelize and expand. The a slots hold more condiments, too.

Slotdog Review: What We Didn’t Like

The biggest drawback is the price. Let’s face it. The Slotdog tool is a novelty; definitely not on anybody’s list of camping essentials. At nearly $18 (plus shipping if your not an Amazon Prime member) you may be able to come up with a lot more camping accoutrements that will ranking higher on your disposable income priority list.

It’s also kind of shame it only works on skinless hotdogs which are the most boring kind. True wurst lovers tend to prefer cased sausages. But hey, you can’t have everything, right?

Slotdog Review: The Final Word

It would be fun to have a Slotdog tool amongst your camping cookware. You’ll probably reach for it more than you think you might. Would make a great gift for the camper on your list who has everything … because he or she probably ain’t got one of these!

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