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Slumberjack Daybreak 3: Review

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A great tent is your insurance policy that no matter the weather you’ll have a great time camping. We live by certain camping “rules” at 50 Campfires. One of them is to never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. The need for comfort only increases when you are away from home.

Whether you are car camping for the weekend or the whole month, we treat our sleep situation the exact same. With comfort and functionality in mind, I decided to put the Slumberjack Daybreak 3 to the test a couple weekends back on a chilly spring evening. Here’s what I found:

Slumberjack Daybreak 3

Functionality: The Slumberjack Daybreak 3, as the name suggests, is rated for three people. As with all tents, the capacity rating is always at the high end of what we would consider comfortable. Two adults have plenty of room. Two adults and a child would be a little tight and three adults, well, if you’re not comfortable with them going into the tent you will be the next morning. I loved the easy setup and detachable rainfly. You can go from stargazing on a clear night to being completely protected from the elements when the weather turns bad.

Durability: Every stitch, hook, tent pole and stake is built to last. Not just for the summer. I mean last. I own a Slumberjack as my primary summer tent and I have literally had zero problems. Not even a stitch has come undone. You don’t even have to sacrifice weight for durability. The size and weight make it an excellent option for everything from car camping to river trips.

Ease of Use: I absolutely loved the ease of setting up this tent. Seriously. Two main poles, with a third to increase interior space near the door goes together like a breeze. Speaking of breeze, the hands-down best feature of this tent is the No-See-Um Mesh tent walls. If you are camping on a nice night with no chance for rain, detaching the rainfly and allowing the mesh to keep pesky bugs out allows you to breath in the night air and drastically reduce condensation. Sounds great to me!

Value: At $119.95 there are cheaper tents on the market. There are also WAY more expensive tents. Don’t let the small price tag fool you about Slumberjack’s quality. I personally own a Slumberjack as my primary tent that I use all year. The quality is outstanding. You won’t be disappointed!

Slumberjack Daybreak 3

Slumberjack Daybreak 3

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