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The Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit: Review

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Do you want to feel like this when you’re running around outside?

Of course you do. While I can’t promise that the Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit will increase your Samurai skills, I can promise that it will feel that way. I’ve been running around in one for over a year now and I absolutely love it. So much so, that when cold weather hits I get excited because I get to start wearing it on the regular again.

The first thing I noticed about the suit was the quality. From the stitching to the YKK zippers, it’s clear that they’re going for a long term garment here. Mine has never stretched out, even in places where I was certain it would. When I first tried it on I noticed that the thumb loops at the cuff were nice and snug. That’s good, because if you’re using them they need to slip in and out of your glove easily. A year later I’m surprised to find that they’re just as tight.

airblaster merino ninja suit

The seven panel hood is form fitting.

The seven panel hood rocks. Why seven panels? Because it feels like it was made for your head. Again, after a year of wearing it and sleeping in it, the shape of the hood is exactly the same. It’s also great to be covered from head-to-toe when it’s crazy cold out.

I love the merino/Tencel fabric. The Airblaster Merino Ninja suit is actually 55% merino, 37% Tencel, and 8% spandex. Tencel is an interesting fabric. It’s made from wood pulp and almost 100% of the solvent is recycled for the next batch. It’s sustainable and very comfortable.

airblaster merino ninja suit

Zipper garages are great for beards.

It doesn’t get funky. The merino wool/Tencel blend is antimicrobial and does an excellent job at inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Every time I’ve washed my suit it was because I was sitting around a campfire in it, not because it started to accumulate body odor.

airblaster merino ninja suit

The 350 degree zipper is great for, well…you know.



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