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The Coldest Beer You’ve Ever Had With The Kooler Cap

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Every year I have a group camping trip that lasts four days, so keeping the food and beer cold is a top priority. If you’re a gadget freak like me, you don’t have a lot of spare money for high end coolers after you buy everything else you wanted. I have a well-built average cooler that does a good job, but not a great job. When we found out about the Kooler Cap I was skeptical (I’m probably the most skeptical one in the 50 Campfires office), because it just looked like a thick old workout mat to me.

Then I started thinking about what makes your ice melt. The main problem isn’t usually that your cooler walls aren’t thick enough. It’s that your cooler doesn’t have an airtight seal. Air movement in a cooler is the number one enemy. The Kooler Cap started making sense to me! It can be pushed down to the level of your ice and it keeps all of that crazy coldness in an (almost) airtight space.

All you do is cut it 1/4″ larger than the opening in your cooler and push it in right down to the ice. I have to admit that this isn’t super easy (I’d recommend placing on a board and using a utility knife). I was initially worried that it would be cumbersome to lift it up and down to get a beer, but once you see how crazy ice cold everything is you’re not bothered by it at all. I can honestly say that I’ve never had beer that cold at a campsite. It really does work incredibly well. They claim to extend the life of your ice by 30% or more, and I absolutely found that to be true. The standard size is only $20 and in my opinion it’s worth it.

Kooler Cap

Kooler Cap

Kooler Cap














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