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The Lunatec Aquabot Is A Blast

Posted On February 19, 2016 at 10:35 pm by / Comments Off on The Lunatec Aquabot Is A Blast

The Lunatec Aquabot is a different approach to a water bottle.

A lot of water bottles come through the office here and, while I have my favorites, they all function the same. You put water in them and then manipulate the cap somehow so you can drink from it. Not much else going on.

The Lunatec Aquabot adds something entirely new: the ability to spray the water.

lunatec aquabot
There is a nozzle on top that has three settings: mist, stream, and shower. The mist setting is my favorite. The ability to get a nice cool mist when it’s 90 degrees out is a wonderful thing. While I most appreciate that setting though, the stream is the most fun. The fact that your water bottle can operate exactly like a squirt gun is amazing. I can also guarantee that it will get you in trouble. No one suspects it, and that’s the best part. “Hey, neat water bott-” BAM, they’re soaked.

They’re $20, which is about the same price as a regular ol’ water bottle. I guarantee that you’ll have 10 times as much fun with this one.

lunatec aquabot

lunatec aquabot

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