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Why Not Bring The Kitchen Sink?

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One thing I like about camping is playing in the dirt. In fact, if you don’t like dirt you’re probably not going like camping. That’s where everything happens. You’ve decided to live outdoors for a weekend (or longer) and it just comes with the territory. Now, when we start introducing creature comforts to the campsite, people start to share what “real camping” is. I, for one, don’t need an air conditioner in my tent, but a sink? Sure, I’ll take a sink.

The ability to wash your hands and dishes in a comfortable way is nice to have at the campsite. If you have kids they’re going to get grubby, and a sink is familiar to them, so (hopefully) they’ll use it. For anything longer than a few days a plain old jug of water starts to get annoying.

The Deluxe Camp Sink by Deluxe Camping does what it is supposed to do: provide a place to wash your hands efficiently in the great outdoors. It comes with two 5 gallon pails – one for fresh water and one for gray water. 5 gallons is more than enough to wash hands and faces for a weekend. A foot pump pushes water up to the faucet. You end up getting the water in bursts, which takes a little getting used to but saves water, which is a good thing.

deluxe camp sink

The only drawbacks we found to the Deluxe Camp sink were the stability and the price. It could be a bit more sturdy, and $199 certainly seems like a lot for a place to wash your hands. I think it makes sense for the long term camper. If you’re out for 4+ days you’ll be glad that you have a handy little station where you can clean up.

deluxe camp sink 2

deluxe camp sink 3

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deluxe camp sink


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