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Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete: Review

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We’re all familiar with the problem of too much camping gear. If you don’t make the right choices next thing you know you’re barely able to fit everything into the car for that “relaxing” weekend. This is especially true in the area of camp cooking. That’s why we’re on board with Wildo’s mission to make campware that is as lightweight, durable and compact as possible. Their Camp-A-Box Complete accomplishes all of these things and more.

What It Is

The Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete has everything you need to sit down for a nice meal in the woods. It includes a plate with a lid, a large and small Fold-A -Cup, a cutting board, a 3 spice container, and a Spork. Everything is made from BPA-free materials, and packs together with a combined weight of only 9.6 oz.

wildo camp a box complete
wildo camp a box complete

Why We Like It

The Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete comes in 13 different colors, which makes us immediately think of happy kids. They can all have their own color and can be responsible for their own cookware. All of the pieces are durable and will last for many adventures. The fact that it comes with both a small and large Fold-A-Cup will accommodate any meal arrangement we could think of. Wildo has also been committed to keeping their production to a small town in Sweden for over 35 years, which gives us the good feels. It’s a well designed set that only leaves us with one question – what are we going to put in that third spice slot after adding salt and pepper to the other two?

wildo camp a box complete
wildo camp a box complete

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