Wisconsin Businesses Now Have Cheaper Options to Clean Waterways

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The US Environmental Protection Agency has given Wisconsin businesses less expensive options to remove phosphorous from waste water that was dumped into lakes and streams. Madison.com is reporting that such practices are aimed at reducing unnatural weed and algae growth that has impaired hundreds of lakes and streams.

“Manufacturers and sewage treatment plants would be exempted from the new standards for 10 years if they paid fees that would be spent on cutting phosphorous pollution that rain carries off farm fields,” the story says.

While environmental groups said that the plan was insufficient and would not result in high enough penalties to make improvements in water quality, the EPA said the new plan was “feasible.” EPA Spokeswoman told Madison.com that it would result in a lot less phosphorus pollution that leads to unnatural algae and weed growth.

The larger debate, of course, is whether the new ruling is part of a plan by the Trump administration to dismantle environmental regulations or whether this is just a cheaper and more effective method to address environmental regulation.

“This newly approved reform measure will offer a vastly more cost-effective and resource protective means of reducing the phosphorus in our waters while lowering costs to water utility ratepayers and potentially saving thousands of Wisconsin manufacturing and food production jobs,” said Sen. Robert Cowles, R-Green Bay, and Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, R-Clinton, in the news piece.

In 2010, Wisconsin had adopted rules that would put limitations on the amount of phosphorous that could be placed in the state’s waterways. However, when Scott Walker became the governor in 2011, he worked to changed the rules to give businesses more options to pay for cleanups, said Madison.com.

Enforcement of the new standard is still an open question, the story continues, as the new presidential administration has given no indication as to how much or how strict the oversight would be.

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